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      Not long now – I thought we could all share our little tips to help manage Xmas.

      One to start:

      enjoy your Xmas dinner and don’t feel guilty – turkey is a great lean protein source , lots of veggies like sprouts, parsnips, carrots are all a  great fibre and vitamin and mineral source and even the spuds are a good energy source. Fill up on your healthy dinner and allow a little room for small portions of  the treats later – a small slice of xmas pudding or a  mini mince pie won’t do you any harm. It’s xmas,  enjoy the day and lose the guilt xxx

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      Team BandBoozled

      Swap calorie laden tipples like Baileys for a spirit with slimline/diet mixer x

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      Team BandBoozled

      Don’t forget to use the water you do your veggies with, to make your gravy….. lots of goodness more often going down the drain 🤔😊 xx

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      Make use of the temporary ice rink.

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