Post Surgery Recovery

Everyone is different with their recovery, but you will need to take it easy after your weight loss surgery. Every provider will have their own guidelines on how to best recover  so ensure you follow them however but these can be used as a general guide:


  • Your length of stay in hospital will depend on what procedure you are having - it is usually a little longer for bypass and sleeve surgeries
  • Take it easy for the first 2 weeks after surgery but it is encouraged that you keep up and mobile straight from the off to aid recovery and help prevent any post op complications.
  • Do nothing too strenuous for at least 6 weeks after your surgery
  • Bathe as your provider has instructed.  We would advise not to submerge your wounds in a bath until you are scab free – run your finger over the scars and they should feel smooth
  • Flying is generally fine following surgery – you can fly home if you need to but refrain from drinking (or eating) on the plane whilst everything is healing. Your provider will have their own guidelines
  • Ensure you have nourishing liquids after your surgery – ones that contain protein (more ideas in the Members area)
  • Painkillers should be soluble – paracetamol or co – codamol
  • Make sure you drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated – urine colour should be pale and straw coloured
  • Observe for any signs of infection and call your provider if you are worried – high temp, oozing or seeping/redness or heat at the wound sites or any additional swelling
  • Surgical pain is expected to some degree, but if you are getting pain or discomfort on drinking – sip slowly and have a rest between each sip and if there is still discomfort then call your aftercare team
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