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      Hi, I had my band fitted 3 days ago. Since then, I am really struggling to get much down me.

      Day 1: Weetabix Shake, a slimfast , 2 spoons of soup

      Day 2: 1 Slimfast, small amount of water

      Day 3: 1 Slimfast, small amount of water

      I’m drinking using a spoon to help it digest, but the liquids are still causing a lot of belching.
      Is this normal? Is it just the swelling?

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      Team BandBoozled

      Hi Jonathon

      It can be normal. It’s very early days yet and there will be a lot of internal swelling at the minute.
      try to sip fluids almost continuously throughout the day to get enough in. Using a teaspoon like you say can help too.

      whats you’re total amount of fluid in a day – including water, tea etc too?  First and foremost you need to keep hydrated. Xx

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      Thanks for your reply. A slimfast is 300ml and I’m getting about another 150ml of water in… so really not much at the moment. It aches getting much in.

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        Team BandBoozled

        This will get easier over the next couple of days so bear with it.  The inflammatory response is around 3 days, so this is why your intake went down after the first day as the swelling kicks in.   Try sucking some ice, ice lollies – can help with internal swelling and also aids hydration.   Keep sipping continuously as you are right you really needs to be trying to increase the overall intake.

        Hopefully things start to improve from tomorrow, maybe try some liquid paracetamol to see if this helps xx


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      I really am struggling to sleep at all just so uncomfortable. I have had serious diarrhoea for 2 days was advised to stop taking milky shakes so struggled with a ton of soup but feel so bloated & sore . I’m feeling really alone on this journey .

      should I just drink water & nothing else for the next week ? Had surgery 14/07 x

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      Team BandBoozled

      Hi Andrea

      Sorry to hear you are struggling

      the disruption to the digestive tract can cause these symptoms unfortunately.   Good that you have laid off the milky drinks as they can irritate things further.  Plenty of clear fluids is great and indeed required for hydration purposes, you could even try some protein water.  Have you tried some liquid Imodium?  This can help regulate the bowels back to some normality.  Also you may want to consider some dioralyte to help replenish lost salts/electrolytes.  You could even make some ice cubes with it and suck on these

      I would call your provider and get another nutritional call booked in for support also.  As nutrition is also key so we wouldn’t want you off this too long

      Do you have Facebook?  We have a very active and supportive closed group offering lots of help and support from our other members.?  If so you just need to request to join bandboozled bariatrics

      Things do get easier as the days weeks go by.  This heat isn’t helping either as just makes you feel so hot and bothered too

      do keep us updated and keep in touch

      big hugs to you xx


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