Post Surgery FAQ’s

Q - I feel very tired after my surgery. What can I do?

A – First check you are taking all your vitamin and mineral supplements as recommended by your provider. Secondly check you are eating enough, and your diet is balanced.  This can be difficult after your surgery but an assessment with your dietitian can help with this


 Q - When can start exercising again?

A – Generally we advise nothing too strenuous until at least 6 weeks after your surgery but always follow your providers guidance


Q – Can I still go out for a meal without any issues?

A – Once you are back on a normal diet following your surgery there isn’t any reason why you can’t enjoy eating out. You will need to eat slowly and chew thoroughly and off course you will only manage a smaller portion then before your surgery


Q – I’ve just had surgery and am struggling to manage enough fluids. What can I do?

A – Try sipping almost continuously throughout the day so you can manage a bit more. Remember to ensure you are having plenty of protein containing liquids

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