Living with a Band

You can live a normal life with a gastric band in place – just a lighter, healthier one. The gastric Band will help you manage your portion sizes and hunger and is a great toll to help you lose weight. However living with a band takes a little while to get used to. The more knowledgeable you are about how the band works, the better your results will be and the more likely you will be to keep the band in place permanently.


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  • A completely new way of eating – the correct eating technique is the key to preventing problems with your band.
  • A different, healthy diet – many foods you thought were good, healthy choices actually might not be the best options with a band in place. A lovely bowl of veggie soup for example isn’t the best choice with a band.
  • What is the correct portion size for a band ? – you may have seen pictures of miniscule meals that people have but is that right for you?
  • The need to take daily vitamin and mineral supplements – but which ones meet all the recommended guidelines specifically for your type of surgery.
  • The need to have textured meals – but what are they and what exactly do you need to eat in the long term?
  • The signs to look out for in case there is a problem with the band – you don’t want to miss the signals and end up with serious complications – a night cough for example could indicate your band is too tight.
  • Finding the correct balance with your diet – being able to eat little portions of healthy, solid foods without feeling hungry but not getting any vomiting, regurgitation, reflux or food getting stuck.
  • What to do if the band isn’t working for you.
  • Simply learning to find out whats right for you and asking for help ( expert help!) if you aren’t sure of anything.


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