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      hi guys,

      Im due to get my band 6th December and ive very nervous ha. Can anyone suggest the best vitamin i should start on? Also on the post op liquids, is there anything that tastes fairly nice? I dont like slim fast.

      Has anyone experienced weight loss straight away?



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      Team BandBoozled

      Hi Annie

      Welcome to the site – exciting times ahead hey

      Listen everyone gets nervous so your not alone there,  Honestly the surgery is quite straight forward – takes about 40 minutes

      Following it you may have some aches and pains but hopefully a quick and straight forward recovery and then you can start your fills 😊

      Standardly you should take a multivitamin and mineral – check out this vitamin article for some more advice

      Haha I know slim fasts can take there toll, but there is plenty of other liquids that you can have, you can make your own soups and blitz up to a thinner consistency – have you checked out the liquid recipes in ‘The Kitchen’ – plenty of ideas on there for you.

      Hopefully some other members can help you on this one too…. support from others is key

      Weight loss can happen straight from the off,  this is more down to the patient being extra good with healthy diet and exercise more so than the band unfortunately – this can take several fills to really kick in – but don’t let that disappoint you, sometimes patients report that they can already notice that they cannot eat as more as they did prior to having the band – so getting the band in is definitely a great start, but its a few fills down the line when the magic starts to happen…!!!  yayyyy

      So think positive, stay focused and help your band out – this is a winning combination in my eyes

      Good luck with everything and keep us posted, we wish you all the luck on your weight loss journey and the team are here to help you along the way xx


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      Team BandBoozled

      Remember to keep up your protein intake too early post op – this will help you to heal well after your surgery.

      Have a little look at our START section for your guide to the early weeks after surgery x

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      Hi Annie

      I thought I was going to lose 2 stone the minute the band went in LOLOL –  was I wishful thinking or wot – I’m 8months in now and have just hit my 2 stone mark.  Im chuffed with this, but answering your question my weight was stable for a good few months.  Just keep on working with it and you will get there

      I hate slimfast too – if I need to do fluids I buy the Home bargains super cheap protein shakes.  I got them for 39p the other day and they weren’t that bad either

      Love a little bargain

      good luck wth everything xxxxxx

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      ammi b xx

      WOW KIM!!!! 2 STONE IN 8 MONTHS!!! scuse caps ….. well done you!!!! Annie ….excited for you :):):) i made my own soups after surgery – i am manic about processed stuff – i hate it – so i liked knowing exactly what was going into my soups 🙂 no need for  a big blender n messing about – i have a hand blender which i whiz in the pan so no drama.. i make plenty, freeze it those cheap plastic trays n either microwave or take in a flask if im out at work. Good luck!!! You ll breeze throught he op – my only pain was trapped gas which was eeek for a day or two, but you ll release it in the time-honoured fashion and then the world is your oyster 🙂 xx

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      Im a women on a mission Ammi – Thanks 💕  You look fan-blimmin-tastic!!    I can already feel everything about my life changing and I’m only 2 stone in.  I wish I had done this years ago, but heyho – full speed ahead LOLOL  xxxxxx

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      I have to admit I’m not one for making my own things, I have a busy life and a busy job….. that’s why I was wondering maybe there is a shake that tastes reasonable to just start having. I’m looking forward to changing my life but at the same time im scared. I’m worried because I don’t make my own food this will be a problem. Is there a book I could buy to help? Worried I won’t be able to get the protein in.


      In regards to you losing weight is there a reason it doesn’t just drop off you? I mean if your on a fluid diet for 2 weeks and then mush surely that must make the weight go? My head is in bits over it!!

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      Team BandBoozled

      Hi Annie

      dont worry – just take things one step at a time using BandBoozled and your providers advice to guide you. It will all click into place

      With  the shakes there’s no need to bake your own – the commercially bought ones tend to be more nutritionally complete anyway. Try a few and see what ones suit you best – some can be very sweet , others not so much. You could try Asda Great Shakes, celebrity slim, juice plus , Cambridge, lighter life, Tesco Ultraslim, up best protein shakes, Fuel, …. there are lots to choose from.  Don’t forget soups too – thin  consistency- no lumps or bumps – if it’s tinned soup you could add skimmed milk powder for additional protein

      long term the site has loads of info on recipes, meal plans, healthy eating info etc so you should find everything on here

      maybe BandBoozled should write a book – a quick and easy guide to your gastric band journey 😉

      With  the weight loss it’s different for everyone – most people do lose weight on the pre – op diet and liquid phase. As your appetite returns though and you move into soft foods you may find you can manage normal portions of these foods and the softer foods can sometimes be higher in calories. So the weight loss can slow down , stop or even go up sometimes as your liver replenishes it’s glycogen stores ( which were depleted during the pre – op diet ).  The key is eating as healthily as you can and exercising regularly (once recovered ) until your band is optimally adjusted. A properly adjusted band ( where your portions are small and you are satisfied between meals) can take a little while to get to that stage – usually around 4-6 adjustments – but that’s when the band can really help with your weight loss. It’s such a great tool long term to help you reach your target weight and maintain that once you get to that stage !!!

      If you do need more help until then and feel a  diet plan  might help until your band is well adjusted there is the 54321 diet plan in The Diet Plans section on the site. Xx

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      Team BandBoozled

      Hi Annie.  Good luck with your surgery – not long now x

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