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Office Snacking

Is office snacking your pitfall....??

Why do people insist on bring in so many goodies into the office,  any occasion, birthdays, weddings, leaving parties, just because its Friday, just because its Monday, a midweek pick you up... arrrggghhhhh any excuse really, it can't be avoided and people won't stop so you need to take control of the situation.

Some tips to help avoid these sticky situation 

  • Move your seat away from the goody table, sometimes out of site is out of mind
  • Go out for a walk on your dinner and leave everyone else to feast on the goodies 
  • Have a little selection of textured snacks in your top draw, so you can join in the fun but in a controlled way 
  • Find that balance by adding a little extra activity into your day if you know you will be eating a few extra calories 
  • Encourage your work colleagues to do a healthy buffet instead...nice fruits etc.... it might work haha 
  • Donate the left overs to the homeless, saves them hanging around the office playing on your mind 
  • For special occasions, instead of goodies ask your work colleagues to donate a pound each and give it to a well deserved charity, you could start a charity board in the office and over the year you can see all the good you have done as a team.

There's no getting away from them, there always going to be around in some way, shape or form so choose wisely and enjoy xx


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