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People really do still relate being sick and living a textureless life still part of the norm with the gastric band journey.  I still see this in clinic, patients feel their band is not working because they are still eating textures and not being sick during or after every meal.  OK SERIOUSLY LET ME STOP YOU THERE….. have you ever though you’re not having complications or symptoms left right and centre because you are doing it correctly..?!?!??!?!?  This is likely why you’re not having any of the symptoms that you believe should be happening when in fact that couldn't be any further from the truth. The misconceptions of the gastric band are hard to ignore because they are out there, people are living a life of regurgitation and textureless diet because they have come to believe this is norm and feel they have no other options than to eat this way, or they don't have the education and support to know how to change this.

Regurgitation on a daily or mealtime basis is a more serious complication waiting to happen. Did you know that…????? Maybe not, maybe you have just been swayed down this path by listening to other journeys and considered this normal– or by not having the education to enable you to eat in the correct manor to avoid this occurring. Don't take regurgitation for granted – you need to do something about it as a matter of urgency.

A band journey without these symptoms shows that it is being well managed…. So well done you…!!!!  This is a massive achievement on your behalf and allows your nurse/dietitian to assess you and increase your fluids to the next level if required.   Again you will have to go away and learn to eat correctly again for this new level of control–chewing and slowing down, applying the 20+ rule is a must to keep you eating textures and regurgitation at bay.

Let's try and change the stigma’s and misconceptions, spread the good word about what is expected and what isn't, encourage people you know who are struggling with what we have discussed to join the professionals at BandBoozled for support.

Nobody deserves to lose their band or put there band at risk – this might be more an issue of compliancy rather than education – but either way, with some professional support, hopefully we can all work together to get you back on track.

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