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Easter Spirit

Easter is a time when people come together and rejoice. It has religious significance and symbolizes the celebration and confirmation of all that represents faith, hope and sacrifice and with it, Spring has arrived to, bringing cheery pastels, spring flowers, bright sunshine and the odd April showers thrown in for good measure.

So, if you're having an Easter brunch with your family and friends or just spending time pottering around your home, there are plenty of ideas to add a splash of spring cheer to your Easter weekend including several ways to turn this season's flowers into last-minute arrangements with a splash of colour, elegance, style and finesse.

While your Easter table doesn't have to look like it came straight out of an issue of Ideal Home Magazine, you should add your own personality, character, and tradition. Create your own tradition by including one or two elements that will bring the family together and serve as a constant reminder and lasting legacy of your own for years to come.

“I hope you find this blog post to be chock-full of tips and ideas to add to your table this Easter”.

 Set the mood - In a matter of seconds, you can turn an entire table spread into an inviting family setting. When it comes to adding your own individuality, there are so many options to choose from including the following:

A vintage linen tablecloth in pale pink or sunshine yellow pays a fitting tribute to the spring season, while adding a beautiful pop of colour. Speaking of colour, pastel-coloured balloons are a lovely addition and create a pretty focal point and add a burst of joy to anyone's table setting. Small double bubble balloons are a popular choice for many.

I love the idea of filling a big jar or several tiny jars of pick-N-mix sweet favours to add to your table decor. This will bring a special character to your table gathering, and your guests will love them to. 

Homemade Easter bunting really gets everyone actively participating and can bring to life and springboard everyone’s artistic flair, enlist the help of your family for a fun filled activity. Aside from the traditional spring centrepieces and décor, ever thought of making name cards with matching Easter napkin folds? There are plenty of online websites and YouTube videos that can guide you on how to create your very own Easter bunny and chick folds.

Blooming Marvellous - Flowers are a popular Easter offering, centrepiece, and religious decoration, since they are a sign of spring. Flowers are one of my favourite gifts to send and receive at any time of the year, but they seem to have a special meaning during Easter. Fresh-cut arrangements look so lovely and smell so fragrant leaving a trail of sweet-scented perfume for days. White lilies, daffodils, tulips, daisies, and hyacinths are all common Easter flowers and are always warmly welcomed and accepted. 

Flowers can be arranged in several different ways, ranging from simple to lavish. Seasonal flowers in antique vases can create floral arrangements that evoke a narrative and charm without fail.

Get Creative – Enlist the entire family to help you to create the perfect easter card, bake a sweet surprise, decorate cupcakes or craft exclusive gifts this Easter for all to enjoy. Baking, Arts, and Crafts are so personal and unique as well as fun and are easy to make and will bring the biggest smile to all involved. If you are stuck for ideas, there are an array of suggestions online to seek inspiration from.

One of my favourite craft designs is that of an Easter Tree or a Remembrance Tree to honour your loved ones, this for me is the perfect springtime decoration for a family-centred celebration, with photos of loved ones’ adorning and embellishing the whole table centre piece. This Easter idea is sure to please the whole family and bring back warm memories of days gone by. 

Easter Hamper/Basket – Easter baskets come in all sizes and can be packed with delicious treats for friends and family to enjoy. Bring smiles on your loved ones' faces by delivering your beautifully hand-crafted Easter gift basket on Easter Sunday. 

An Easter basket that has been thoughtfully assembled is a deeply personal gift. Easter gift baskets can be customised to include only the best treats, sweetest confections, a bottle of wine and a variety of cheeses and other indulgences. Homemade bread and jam, made with love, is also a wonderful idea and adds a special touch. These delicious offerings will delight whoever receives your hamper, this easter.

Easter Hunt – Filling an Easter basket with chocolate eggs and other delights whilst pairing it with an entertaining activity is a fun thing to do at Easter. Building an Easter basket with clues leading to some indulgent sweet treats is always enjoyable for all those involved. Try leaving clues and select teams to participate and compete with. It turns an ordinary easter hunt into an Easter egg scavenger hunt!

Whether you choose to have your hunt indoors or outdoors or both, Easter scavenger quests are great for younger children, teenagers and adults, alike. You'll want to keep this day light and playful. To build an Easter basket with clues, all you need is a little creativity and some imaginative thinking. So, mix up your clues so that some are easy to figure out and others require some thought. If time is against you, there are printable clues you can find online; just simply edit and adapt to suit your family.

Feast for the eyes – This Easter families will come together on Easter Sunday to attend church and many households will hunt for chocolate eggs, eat hot cross buns and/or simnel cake, as well as have a special meal to mark the Easter weekend. A table laden with flavourful, appetising, and memorable Easter-themed dishes will be the centrepiece to any family gathering.

Though for many; Easter, can be a challenging and distracting celebration. Sustaining a positive outlook and maintaining a healthy attitude despite the abundance of food temptations can be difficult. I understand that the prospect of overindulging in food can make us feel uneasy and anxious. Try not to lose heart; plan your Easter weekend and meal menus ahead of time to ensure you remain on track to reach your weight loss objectives. You don't have to forego taste and flavour in order to have a good time! 

Remember there are plenty of healthy alternatives and options available (seek the advice and support of your Dietician).

Article by Mamuna Arshad – Aesthetic Specialist

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