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Week Four – Activity levels – By Mamuna

Summer Living

We all know about eating in season, but what about exercising in season too?

Bright, sunny days will soon be upon us once again, and with it comes the yearning to make some changes to our everyday lives too. The small things are the biggest changes from swapping your lunchtime bowl of soup for a fresh salad packed full of goodness to the urge to go for a run instead of spending an hour on the treadmill in the gym.

We all yearn for change when the weather improves and are renewed with enthusiasm for exercise and self-improvement. We often look to join classes, outdoor pursuits or purchase the latest cookbook to maximise these lifestyle tweaks to the greatest effect to make us look and feel great.

Seasonal living is all about get-up-and-go and having that oomph to get on with it. If you are looking for the perfect lifestyle programme, you should base it around what feels right for you and your body. With many of us becoming more aware, the more we discover about seasonal living helps us to understand our self and the environment we live in in harmony with the seasons.

Now is the time to put the plans you have been thinking about into action. It is a great time for new starts. At this time of year, the main emphasis in exercising should be on detoxing your life as well as your mind and body.

Here are a few sporting suggestions, which are fun in any season, but especially fun in the spring/summer months:


Snap back & Stretch - We know we should stretch daily, but many of us don’t take the time to do so. I've found that taking even a minute or two each morning for stretching gives me a fresh outlook on the day. Stretching is so important for building flexibility, which can improve your range of motion and help protect you from injury as you go about your activities.


Take a Run- A fantastic exercise because it's cardiovascular, it boosts the fitness and health of your heart and lungs; burns fat and helps you to lose weight. Running also builds and increases muscular strength, especially in the legs.

Game, Set and Match- Tennis is the ultimate outdoor summer activity because it provides you with a total body workout by strengthening your arms, back, abs, bottom and legs. Furthermore, it's a great cardiovascular workout, it improves your coordination, balance and speed.

Go Swimming – this activity offers the feeling of freedom. The feeling of liberation is one that can't be replicated in many sports. Swimming is soft on the joints: as the water always supports you, therefore it is much less likely to cause an injury.

Namaste- This art remains the perfect medium and remedy for stress. In the summer, participating in the outdoors; gives you a different perspective by connecting with oneself, environment and the universe. By removing yourself from the regular setting, helps to leave behind everyday concerns and go deeper into yourself.

Take caution – Pace Yourself - When first starting to exercise, be mindful of your body's reactions. “If you feel exhausted or breathless ............ STOP.


“Challenge yourself, family and friends to an activity that you can all enjoy once or twice a week and improve your well-being.”


Article by Mamuna Arshad – Cosmetic/Aesthetic, Lifestyle Specialist & SPORTS/COMPS Lecturer The Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics

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