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Week Five – Motivation – By Mamuna

Week Five – Motivation


The Summer months are nearly upon us, and there has even been some sunshine to celebrate. It's a difficult time of year; typically we usually equate winter with lack of  motivation, but summer can be just as challenging!

Now is the time to begin preparing your body for the summer season. When summer arrives, we  tend to go out, modify their diets, and switch up our skincare routines; however, why not get your summer body ready well in advance?

To help you stay motivated and prioritise your health over the spring/summer months, I'd like to provide some suggestions and set you a challenge…..

Get yourself a Support Network — sharing is caring and getting folks around you involved when you're seeking for motivation can truly enhance your mood. They'll give you a boost and may be able to suggest solutions to assist you get back on track.

Stick to the Plan! “I really want to do this”. Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do, the more determined you are about wanting to eat less, eat healthy food and exercise the more it will motivate you to enjoy the process.

Aim and shoot - Setting goals for yourself doesn't have to be difficult; in fact, putting them down can help you gain perspective on what you're attempting to do while also holding you accountable to achieving them. Set short, attainable, and easy-to-track goals to assist you achieve your larger goal. Whatever goal you choose, keep reminding yourself of your success. It could be to spend more time reading, undertake an activity you haven't done in a while, or get in your 5 a day.

Be Active - Get a new hobby, project or goal. Cardio-vascular exercise has been proven to preserve the brains health. The more active you are improves your energy, focus and drive. This plays a vital role in brain cell growth, mood regulation and learning.

Blitz your nutrient intake - Shift your attention away from bad eating habits and talk or think about something else. Ensure your diet is packed with healthy nutrients on a daily basis. Home-made smoothies are an excellent way to improve your wellbeing. For an extra boost take a supplement of ginseng, which is also a vital nutrient that can help to enhance cognitive function, improve memory and increase energy levels.

Train your brain -Playing memory games or learning a second language can offer benefits for improving intellect, memory concentration, awareness and focus. 

Chant your Mantra - The best self-help mantra to motivate you to shape up and eat healthier in a way that will help and aid weight loss is to keep saying to yourself; “I will eat healthier, exercise and look after myself better”. Using a motivational Mantra can help you focus, every time you say it to yourself or out loud, your mind encourages you to keep going.

The Challenge – “Hopefully, this short list will give you some food for thought and inspiration on how to stay motivated about your physical and mental health.  Why not put the above suggestions into practice today?”


Article by Mamuna Arshad – Cosmetic/Aesthetic, Lifestyle Specialist & SPORTS/COMPS Lecturer

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics

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