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      Hi all

      I just had my surgery on Monday so still swollen.  I don’t know if I’m sore, hungry or have wind!!!

      I would kill for 65g of carrots right now

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      Team BandBoozled

      Hi Cath, welcome onboard

      Congrats on your surgery….  you might be feeling a smidge of all those 3 to some degree I’m afraid.

      Have you checked out the start here section… there’s a little insite into the first 6 weeks post op – here’s the link for week one

      You could make a carrot juice…!!! haha

      You’ll be crunching carrots before you know

      Happy healing and keep us all updated how your getting on 😄 xx

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      ammi b xx

      Awwwwa baby bandit!!!!! Catch well done sweetheart xxxx take it easy post op xx there’s an amazing amount of reading info on here from nic n sue xx read up n rest xxxx so chuffed for you hon xxxxx

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      Team BandBoozled

      Aw good luck Cath – don’t forget you need to keep up your protein levels just now so everything heals properly. Protein containing liquids include : milk, meal replacements , protein shakes,  pulse based soups, pouring yoghurt. Skimmed milk powder can be added to increase the protein further or added to other soups.

      Loads more info over the site especially in START and The Kitchen xx

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      Congratulations on your fabulous new journey!! The worst is over now!! Good luck!!

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      Hope all is well. Enjoy your journey and the start to a wonderful new life. Xx

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