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      Hey everyone

      I know we’re told to expect not to lose too much weight in the first couple of months but I can’t help but feel so frustrated I’m eating so healthy and exercising but I’ve still only lost a stone since my surgery (in August) starting to feel like I’ve put my body through this surgery for nothing .

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      Team BandBoozled

      Hi Jessica

      Aw I know it can be so frustrating in the early stages – a stone is still fab though.  I know it’s easy for us to say but try and think of the band as a longer term journey and a fabulous tool that can help you manage your weight for life.  No more following lots of different diets in the future and your weight yo – yo ing up and down on a regular basis.

      The band just needs a bit of time to get working. It usually takes between 4 and 6 adjustments over the first 6 months to get to a level that means the band is optimally adjusted so it’s early  days yet. And that’s usually when the weight loss kicks in

      keep going , keep eating healthily and exercising in the meantime and the band will catch up

      if you do feel like you need a diet plan to follow, just until the band gets going, you could try our 54321 diet plan in the Diet  Plans section of the site   If not just keep at it and don’t be too hard on yourself. Right now you are probably losing the weight in your own without much help from the band so you are doing great xx

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      ammi b xx

      Awww Jessica xxx how would you feel if you had gained a stone? It would feel like a massive gain….. Why does that same amount not feel like a massive loss  ? Some bodies respond very quickly to a change…. BBC e that diet, exercise, medication etc. Other bodies fight to the end to avoid changing no matter what you do. The scales aren’t the only way to track change…. How many uncontrolled meals/binges would you have had since August u f you g ad not had Yr op? That’s a lot of unhealthy food behaviour you have reversed…. I DBE giving myself a roubdif applause right now not worrying about the speed of the s c ales xx

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      Thankyou ammi ❤️

      I think I’m just feeling a little disappointed that it’s not more but I’ll get there  xx

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      ammi b xx

      Im at my goal if I lost half my body wright I’d stillmoan:) 🙂 🙂 you will see it drop jess… Just remember that a watched pot never boils xx sack the scales off for a bit eh? I gainabitnown again n honestly…. You d think the world was ending xx we re too hard on ourselves really xx

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