Think Thin

Getting into the right frame of mind to lose weight can be difficult. Learn how to change your thinking so the struggles you have losing weight could become a thing of the past

Having a gastric band means you are serious about losing weight – you have taken steps to help you with this difficult journey but it can still be a struggle. If it was as simple as having your surgery then the weight just falls off then you wouldn’t need BandBoozled at all. However getting in the right frame of mind can help. Losing weight can be all about getting into the right mindset. You may need to change how you think about food as well as what you are actually eating.

Changing your thinking - Do you ever..??

  • Binge eat before you start a diet?

    This is very common because you want to eat all the goodies that you think you won’t be able to have on your diet. However this means that you will gain more weight so you have even more to lose when you get started. It also means the diet you are about to start could be too strict. You don’t need to eat all the biscuits or finish off all the unhealthy food. before you get back on track again Change how you deal with this – a little of what you fancy as part of a healthy, balanced diet is ok

  • Put things off until you have lost weight?

    Putting of holidays is a common one because it means getting into shorts or a bikini. Life is for living and you need to learn to enjoy it through the whole process of losing weight.

    Book a different type of holiday that doesn’t involve skimpy clothes if you feel uncomfortable or learn to dress for your shape – control swimwear, sarongs. Swim dresses etc

  • Bag of Crisps means you’ve blown it?

    This makes you norma! Everyone needs little extras now and again and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have them. The trick is to forget about it and get back on track. Even if you have had a few too many snacks one day forget about it and don’t stress Don’t turn it into an excuse to binge eat

  • Start each day either on or off your diet?

    The Band means that you have a tool to help you lose weight forever!! You should no longer be on or off a diet but simply eating less and eating healthily on a daily basis. Nobody is perfect – take one day at a time and as long as your weight is coming down then you are on track

  • Dream of forbidden foods?

    Don’t have any forbidden foods. Again, a little of what you fancy does you good. The problem is if it becomes “a lot of what you fancy” and then stops your weight loss. Try and keep to small amounts and monitor your weight loss

  • Always clear your plate?

    Learn to stop eating when you are full. It’s ok to leave food on your plate. In fact that should be a common occurrence if you follow your 20+ rule and stop eating at 20 minutes

    These are just some of the things that can make losing weight difficult but just work through them one by one!!!


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