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The Matrix, Restore your Mind and Body – by Mamuna

With restrictions being lifted and the nation being vaccinated in huge numbers, the end of lockdown is fast approaching in the coming months ahead. The previous year or so, has been frightening, lonely, and overwhelming. 

  “Ever felt the guilt and blame of being ashamed of your physical appearance, and then shamed yourself for being ashamed of the shame?”

Many of us have also struggled to adhere to a healthier eating schedule, gained weight and are unhappy with the sluggish lack of progress being made in our quest for a healthier lifestyle. It is, yet another transition that makes us feel further removed from the people we used to be and the expectations we have set for ourselves. 

With the help of your dietitian, our virtual online fitness instructor, and our support buddy, planning a weight loss regime gives us a sense of control. Some physical variations that our bodies undergo, on the other hand, are a confirmation of our survival especially during the pandemic. I for one, am really grateful for my body, certainly over the last year. Our bodies have protected us and kept us safe and that makes us all extremely fortunate indeed. 

When we prioritise our mental health, our physical health becomes even easier to control. It's normal for our bodies to adjust to fit our living conditions. Our bodies will most likely change as our lifestyles change again and social interaction begins within our communities as restrictions start to ease. 

I'm looking forward, like so many others to spending the summer with the people I love and care for, and I don't want to waste any time trying to feel like my mindset is not good enough. We are worthy of all the integrity and consideration we can muster to maintain, boost and continue to improve our overall health. So disregard the images of celebrities in the A, B, C, and D categories that are trying to accomplish the elusive task of being body-perfect only to learn that they have yet to achieve genuine happiness, freedom and a sense of Well-being!

It all comes down to approval. It is not as complicated as you would imagine to be genuinely satisfied in your present outlook! Holistic treatments will assist you in enjoying your wellbeing, accepting life, moving forward and gaining the ability to always look and feel your best.

“Everyone seems to want the perfect body. It seems that being slim has become a symbol of beauty and achievement, due to daily reminders and attention of what we should look like.”

 The “real talk” – by doing so causes us to feel more and more resentful of the body we have. The excellent news is that you ARE perfect and having a much more positive approach to loving your body is to find, acknowledge and accept health and contentment. I realise that the reality is not the same for everyone. 

There are many reasons why our body image is affected including excessive weight gain. For some, weight-loss is a real concern and medical/surgical intervention is sometimes required. Whatever your concerns and life choices have been, just remember you can overcome to lead a better life. Whilst the journey seems long, it is short in comparison to the many years ahead.

Once you have reached your objective, Holistic healing can help you to feel uniquely confident and beautiful both inside and out. It can also help you to continue and maintain your goals and future aspirations. 

“Your body deserves respect and is worthy of kindness…”

 The Matrix Mindset is a technique that engages the mind and body simultaneously to create a transformation on both a physical and emotional level.

I am a huge advocate of self-improvement and boosting one’s own body confidence. The key to making positive changes lie within you. To make this happen, you simply need to become alert to internal signals from your mind and body. For some, there may be additional help from your doctor and dietician to lead in your transformation.

Since your mind and body is connected, finding out why you are feeling self-loathing toward your body helps you to figure out what emotions are triggering those feelings. Some believe that family, friends, and colleagues often influence us (often not intentionally, sometimes intentionally!) as well as the media to create a pathway to the brain that then becomes a core belief. For example, We start to believe that we are fat, that we are not pretty or that we aren’t good enough. These are all too common thoughts that can stop us from being able to love ourselves and reach our full potential.

By sitting and meditating and looking within, can give you a greater insight! So, without any distractions, ask yourself where these feelings are manifesting from within your body. What effect do they have on you? 

Everything we need to heal is already inside us, so ask questions and encourage the answers to come to you. It's not always easy to look inside ourselves, but you won't be able to step forward until you identify the roadblocks and try to resolve them. 

Regardless of your weight, your body deserves respect and is worthy of kindness. For a variety of reasons, your weight will change over the course of your life. It cannot be seen as a reason for not loving yourself or enjoying one's own life.

Article by Mamuna Arshad - Aesthetic & Lifestyle Specialist

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