What colour is your Band..?

Your provider may use zones when referring to the stages of a band journey – depending on your assessment, you can easily be classified into a zone colour which identifies if an adjustment to your band is required.  Each provider may have their own colour coded system in place

Below we explain a little more about these colours and zones - have a look and see what colour/zone you think your band is...???

So what are the zone colours:



Green the green band is where you are aiming to be. That means your band is well adjusted so you should be having small portions, no hunger and no issues with regurgitation, reflux or pain on eating. You should also be losing weight unless it is down to other problems such as extra snacking, unhealthy food choices and a high alcohol intake.

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Amber: The amber band is where the band is not optimally adjusted and you need a band fill. You would be managing bigger portions than recommended, feeling hungry between meals and/ or not losing weight.


Red - The red band is where the band is too tight. Symptoms could include struggling to manage textured foods or even soft foods or liquids if it is very tight. There could also be pain or discomfort on eating, regurgitation or vomiting. A less common side effect is nocturnal reflux or a night cough – this is usually a sign the band is too tight even if you haven’t got any other symptoms.

So what do you do once you know the colour of the band you are in Well it is easy to liken it to a traffic light system:


Green Band: go and live your life – do nothing as your band is fine


Amber Wait - take stock and assess your symptoms – contact your provider at some point to have a more detailed assessment to see if your band needs adjusting.


Red: Stop and think, you need to sort this out as a matter of urgency as there is an increased risk of complications such as slippage if the band is too tight.

You had the band to help you with weight loss not to give you a lot of horrible symptoms every time you eat!!


So think band colours, think traffic lights and make sure that band is optimally adjusted !!!


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