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The Importance of Nutrition Following Bariatric Surgery

What better way to look after yourself than to provide your body with all the nutrition it needs to carry out all those essential functions. 

After weight loss surgery it’s easy to get carried away with not feeling hungry and excited by the weight loss that you can often just make the most of that and not eat much. Whilst it’s lovely to be losing weight your body still needs fuel to operate efficiently! Balanced meals are the way forward – regular amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fruit/ vegetables/ salad at mealtimes

Portion sizes can be tricky after surgery – the amounts people can manage in one sitting can vary greatly, even between people having had the same surgery! Bands that aren’t optimally adjusted yet may be able to manage quite big portions still so it’s important to limit meals to just 20 minutes. Bypass and sleeve can range from some people only being able to manage tiny portions, especially early on whilst there is still internal swelling, to comfortably managing a small meal on a side plate – and it’s all completely normal. It‘s best not to compare yourself to others and concentrate on your own journey

A good guide is if your meal fits on your Bandboozled plate  - it is best not to eat any more than this for your meal and it is important to stop eating when satisfied. If your meal doesn’t take up much of the plate at all then it’s an indication that you need to keep your portions small but eat more often throughout the day – you need to get all your nutrients in! Your vitamin supplements don’t include fat, protein, dairy or carbohydrates

View your food as fuel now and try and think about what you need to add into your diet to make sure it’s balanced not what you need to take away. Treats are allowed too but it’s everything in moderation now to reach your goal weight but in the healthiest way possible 

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