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Take your Time

The way you eat can be very important after gastric band surgery.  Here are some tips from the team at BandBoozled to help you on your way

  • We suggest a 6" side plate ( like our BandBoozled portion plate), 1/2 the plate to be your veg/salad section and 1/4 carbs and 1/4 protein
  • Do not pile the plate high - gone are those days!
  •  Portion sizes may vary depending where you are in your weight loss journey so little meals more often maybe necessary to hit a good level of nutrition 
  • Concentrate on the protein foods first 
  • Eat with a small fork, aim for 20p size portion of food at one time
  • Chew 20 times and rest for 20 seconds between mouthfuls
  • Aim to keep your food textured where possible (once you are back on normal diet)
  • And enjoy your meals -  its just all about quality and not quantity anymore

So remember to take it slow, take your time and stop eating when satisfied

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