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Summer Bands

A little word of warning as we see our temperatures rising.   

The band can tighten up as things warm up so just beware of this.  This can be a combination of a few things, here's why...


  • The heat can make the body swell, which doesn't help - try to keep up and active, stretch your limbs throughout the day and stay out the sun and keep cool as much as possible
  • Eat a healthy fresh diet - and go easy on the salty products and keep away from processed foods
  • Stay hydrated - plenty of water, try infused fruit water if you fancy a little flavour - stay away from drinks loaded with caffeine and alcohol (sorry..!!)
  • If your band does tighten - go to a soft or liquid diet till things calm down 
  • Try sucking on ice or have a refreshing ice lolly to try and cool any swelling around the band 
  • If fluids become problematic, call your provider as you might require a small defill to allow things to settle down temporarily 


And lastly, enjoy the sunny times while you can 😎


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