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ammi b xx

It must be a new line of diet pepsi cos the peach flavour is already added x i got it from the co op but havent seen it anywhere else yet :0 Wednesday was – well…. lets just say it was my play day 🙂 so although i was very well behaved with my food portion, i just ate once that day (i know, I know) :):) but i simply wasnt hungry …… but it was cheese and one cracker 🙂 Oh it was gob heaven, I tell you 🙂 and a weeny dram of port – oh – and a single Baileys and a swig of my friend’s beer 🙂 So all in all, an absolute disgrace but if you consider that against the usual social feed of 3 courses, cheese n biscuits, loads of booze etc, all full portions, I dont actually feel too guily 😉 xx

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