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ammi b xx

i wanted to add a bit more if that’s ok? I often feel my band has tightened and maybe I need an unfill? But this seemed to fluctuate more often than I would expect. I monitored this and have realised that sometimes this is down to either constipation or a bit of bottom trouble ( a haemorrhoidmaybe? ). I ve just had a tough weekend but last night i used a anusol suppository with some anusol cream on it (why struggle???? ) 🙂 This moring i ‘went’ really easily. i had felt a bit bruised around my bottom, maybe down to a recent camera up as part of the National Bowel Screening programme. Today I have drunk much more freely and had a better meal than over the last coupla days. You have to remeber, from the entrance (mouth) to the exit (bottom) it is really just one long tube, and the band is wrapped around the pouchy part (the stomach). When you swallow, your food travels down your windpipe and into your stomach by a process called peristalsis. This just means your muscles flex and clench to move it along. And when the stomach has done its job of digesting, it s back to the peristalsis to move the waste stuff along to the exit door 🙂 Any obstruction in your last bottom area can causes a ripple effect backwards and you can feel a bit too restricted. It is so important to keep things moving so always be sure your back passage isnt the area causing the problem. I think we (and the medics) often immediately say – oh it’s band related. Often it isnt so dont be dumb, consider your bum !!! :):) xx

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