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ammi b xx

Hiya xx I had a few health ups n downs late 2017 ( not band related) which meant i was not able to keep up with my fills. I have had two fills now over the last two ish months and yes, having been off the leash for a while, it is soooo important to be gentle to your newly filled tummy x I make a project of it, as if i am ill/post tooth out/etc …. because it is a big deal for your tum to be grabbed again x I like black tea, Heinz tomato soup (is there any other???) but i sprinkle a bit of black pepper and a smidge of grated parmesan on it, so it feels a bit more luxurious 🙂 Its one f the bizarre band things – you don’t actually feel hungry, but you crave. There’s a difference ….. one thing which helps me instantly with the craves is a teeny pinch of rock salt. I now it sounds bonkers, but the reduced food intake means reduced salt too. I never add salt to my food – maybe a nip in cooking ut never onto a meal, yet i feel i need something when im just on fluids and this lil nip helps so much.

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