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ammi b xx

Hey honey 🙂 How great is it to be able to reply to each other now? xx Regarding the constipation – my take on this is that our food, no matter what group it is from, has a fair bit of water in it. I sourced the info below for you – your food intake will be less now with a band so your daily water intake has automatically dropped due to reduced portions. Proteins are known to be a culprit of causing constipation. You absolutely MUST keep up your water intake with high protein diets, because processing the protein means the kidneys need more water to do this. If you re not giving them enough, they will steal it from other parts of the body. Your stools will become dry and hard and can be painful to pass. I am a fan of keeping the carbs low as they bloat me up like a balloon but i try to take some all bran every day with skimmed milk. This gives me a no fat high fibre meal which keeps my toilet trips successful 🙂 You can mix the bran into yoghurt if you prefer but i love its nutty crunchiness 🙂 Up your water if you are going to start having the bran – it needs water to swell and travel through the body. Porridge is a warm, comforting wise choice too but it is not the pure fibre like All Bran. Avoid remedies like Fibergel – they could swell above the band and take ages to go through – not dangerous but who wants to be not eating all day due to a slow fibergel sachet??? i prefer a stool softener like Dulcoease to a laxative, though a Dulcolax tablet at night is the answer for many bandsters. Hope this resolves for you soon – it is the absolute worst feeling in the world xx

cucumbers 96 percent
celery 95 percent
lettuce 95 percent
peppers 94 percent
tomatoes 94 percent
summer squash 94 percent
asparagus 93 percent
watermelon 92 percent
mushrooms 92 percent
chicken noodle soup 92 percent
strawberries 91 percent
spinach 91 percent
cantaloupe 90 percent
broccoli 89 percent
tomato sauce 89 percent
peaches 89 percent
carrots 88 percent
grapefruit 88 percent
oranges 87 percent
apples 86 percent
yogurt 85 percent
grapes 80 percent
bananas 75 percent
eggs 75 percent
As a comparison, orange juice and low-­fat milk are 89 percent water. Even meat, fish and soft cheeses are mostly water. And humans are 55 percent to 70 percent water, too.

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