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Hi – aw not pleasant to feel like that.
stick with the hot fluids just now since you can manage those just to keep hydrated. If that’s all you can  manage  though it does sound like you need a defill.

fluids should always be able to go through the band ok and if you’re struggling it’s unlikely you would be able to progress onto textured food ok even if things start to ease with the fluids a bit.

give your provider a call and book in for a defill.  If things  do ease off  ok you can always cancel it but a small defill sounds like what you need just now.

For now keep sipping what you can manage – small sips, no straw and have a 20 sec rest between sips. High protein soups would be good if the shakes are still a struggle

if you can’t keep hydrated then we do need to advise A&E

hope you get things sorted xx

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