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Hi Tracey

Sorry to hear you are struggling with the dreaded wind!! Somethings to consider that may help are:

Has this become worse since progressing onto your textured food again? Are you having any other symptoms, feeling food go through your band, acid reflux, regurgitation? Great you are doing your 20+ rule as eating quickly can be the main contributor – just watch your forkfuls too and make sure these are 20p size – You are still early days in the surgical journey and swelling will still be applicable around the stomach to some degree

Are you drinking and eating together? for all this is ok to do, it may be worth a trial without doing the both together to see if this helps

Straws or suck type water bottles can mean lots of air in the system

Make sure you are eating small portions regular – not leaving long gaps between eating, the system will fill up with gas/air otherwise

Keep well hydrated, are you drinking your 2ltrs of clear fluids daily – try to sips continuously throughout the day – make peppermint tea a daily occurrence to help they digestive tract

Do certain foods make things worse? I,e dairy? maybe do a little food diary and then you can book a nutritional call – the team maybe able to offer some additional hint and tips

Hopefully this settles down for you, as a band nurse of 10 years patients do say in general they are a lot more windy than before surgery, but this does seem managed within the assessment

Best of luck with everything and do keep us posted xx

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