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Team BandBoozled

Hi Emma

Thanks for providing us with your journey to date and sorry to hear you are disappointed ☹️

Band control like you say can be variable, because of the other triggers that can tighten your band.   So by the sound of it your control doesn’t seem to bad… just annoying that it can go from one extreme to the other.   This can be frustrating and can upset the dietary intake pattern.   Can I ask are you still within your aftercare???    And have you had a full nutritional assessment recently??

A food/exercise diary could be a good place to start – monitoring your clear fluid intake and portion sizes

I know we advocate the side plate, half veg/salad – 1/4 carbs n protein.    But maybe if you have been doing this a daily check in of calories for a week or 2 just to see that you are hitting a daily deficit.

Maybe speak with your GP if you have concerns to see if they would run some bloods to rule out thyroid issues

Do you have Facebook?  There is a closed group called bandboozled bariatrics – feel free to join that for additional support also.   Feel free to post images of your foods for reviewing if this help.   Don’t forget keep meals textured and good to hear you are doing the 202002 rule.

Don’t give up,  it’s been a challenging time since you had your band fitted so I’m sure this hasn’t helped – covid, lockdowns etc

keep posting and keep us updated on things xx

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