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Hi Helen

It sounds like your band is doing just fine.   As you start to get into the habit of slowing down and chewing well it’s not uncommon for patients to feel like what you are feeling.  This is great news that you are not having stuck episodes or pain when eating etc.  As these are the symptoms to worry about.   Lack of them, not so much… it just showed fab compliancy and dedication from the patient on adapting and adjusting the mechanics of eating accordingly to cope with the increasingly tightened band.

Great you are having a weight loss,  again until a few fills in this is not the case for everyone – so pat yourself on the back..!!

Just keep your diet as healthy and textured as you can and continue with the 20202020 – and you won’t go too far wrong

If you are eating over a side plate and getting hungry, given your provider a call to see if they advise another adjustment – if your on a side plate and hunger not a big deal – ride it out till things change

Well done and keep up the good work xx

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