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Hi Hazel. Well done for having a defill and now wanting to work more with your band. It’s a great tool for weight loss and if looked after really can make such a difference.

Give it a bit more time to allow things to settle. In the meantime try and get back on track with your eating.

Here on the site is a Lockdown Challenge where you get step by step challenges each week designed to get all the basics of eating well with a band back in place. That would be a good place to start  Step by step your eating will get back under control and help with the weight loss

if you want to go one step further we have just produced a journal which is designed for times like this. Funnily enough it’s actually called “ Back on Track” and you can get more info about it on our SHOP on the site.

you have done the right thing – a defill will rest the band and alleviate any swelling and the symptoms you were having. Only look to have more fluid added if your portions of textured foods are bigger than a side plate within 20 mins  or if you are getting hungry between meals. ( don’t rush them – it’s better to take it slowly )

Start one step at a time – small tweaks to your diet and build up your activity levels to help with the weight.

There’s lots of articles too on the site to help with healthy eating and motivation too.

let us know how you get on – you’ve got this xx

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