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Hi Terri

Welcome to the site, let me reassure you this is so common to hear.

Personally I think when you have had your band first put in, you are on it 100% – paid lots of money… excited for new journey and then the band starts to work in ways that you have never experienced before.  Small portions, reduced hunger… most people don’t even feel like they are on a diet and they are getting a weight loss.  Then exercise kicks in and boom… it all just works.   When you are working with a band optimally adjusted its hard work and comes with its challenges too, but massive benefits are the upside.

Then not sure what your level of control is like, firstly I would go back to basics – side plate 1/2 veg-salad 14/ protein and carbs and start assessing hunger from this smaller portion.  Make sure your meals are textured and that you are having no red zone symptoms.   Sometimes it can just be that your band needs a little more in it to start working again and giving you that control back

If your band is too tight and you struggle to eat healthy diet and are finding foods that go down easy – then a de fill to get you back eating healthy would for sure be advised.

Don’t give us on your band lovely,  honestly with lockdown this really has thrown focus and motivation out the window for most.  you can do this again.

Are you on Facebook??  there is a group run by us with lots of members in the same boat ‘Bandboozled bariatrics” feel free to join us

We have just launched a journal -‘back on track’.  This can be followed if you are just starting out or had your surgery a few years.  Its in the shop.  Alternatively in the quick reads you can print off some charts to help you start to regain some focus within your journey again.

The team are here to support you every step – have a good read of the site and back to basics – sometimes its the small things that can really make all the difference

Small steps and keep positive xx

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