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Hi Jens

We can totally see why your head is all over the place at the moment.   The surgeries all work differently so I know it’s hard not to compare but please don’t give up on your band just yet.   6 months in you are still in the adjustment phase so unless your band is working optimal it won’t be giving you the full level of control yet so you won’t be seeing the full potential from it.    I personally am the gastric bands number 1 fan…. 9 years of working alongside patients I have seen the most amazing weight losses and transitions.   You really do need more time with it before making any decisions regarding another surgery.

Just to answer your question, yes you can have the band removed and convert to one of the non reversible surgeries in the future should you truly wish – hope that reassures you but for now let’s help you get your band working to it’s full potential and get your weight journey underway.

it’s early days so keep your chin up and keep positive 💕 xx

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