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Do not take regurgitation for granted with a gastric band. There are lots of misconceptions out there, and people are still very much influenced that bringing up food is pretty much the norm.

If you are being sick more than once or twice a week then this really is not great and longer term could lead to worse band nasties like band slippage.

People automatically think that if they seek guidance that they will need fluid out there bands. This may not always be the case..... Try heading back to fluids for a period of time to allow the irritation to settle around the stomach, then try soft diet for a short time and assess if they are going down ok. Hopefully then by cutting up your food, chewing well and waiting 20 seconds between mouthfuls you may be able to get back on track with your textures again and get your head out the toilet.

If you would like any further information you can catch up with our Gastric Band Experts at - A Dietitian and Nurse ready to give you guidance at your finger tips.

Don't be fooled by regurg, or think this is the way forward. It really isn't. A band journey should be a healthy happy one....It you're not happy, healthy or starting to develop bad eating habits or behaviours maybe you need a little hand with your band.

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