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Problem foods

These are the foods that are more likely to cause a problem with the band. The ones that can be a bit trickier to break down in order to get them through the band -  they tend to be carbohydrate foods, tough solid meats and stringy fruits and veg.
When moving back into a normal diet ensure you have tried a good range of the other foods first of all then assuming you have no problems at all you can move onto these problem foods.
The important key to managing these without complications is to follow the 20+ rule. That way whatever the food you are eating, it's only a very small, well chewed amount you are swallowing

These problem foods are:

Start with crackers first, then move onto things like toasted pittas, and thins, then try wraps and lighter breads like weight watchers/danish. The last thing to try is normal bread, especially the fresh, white doughy bread. Rice can be tried at a similar time to bread - make sure it's not over cooked as it can become very sticky! Try washing the starch from it before eating.

Try soft meat first like mince and slow cooked meats and casseroles. Move onto thin sandwich ham then chicken leg meat first as it's a bit moister (remember to cut up nice and small firstly). If tolerated ok move onto meats like sausages, bacon and burgers- lean only. The last ones to try are the well done steaks and the overcooked joints of meat. You may always have a problem with some of these - a roast beef joint that has been cremated in the oven for hours for example. You may never be able to get this down so it's best avoided - everybody is different!!

Vegetables/ fruit:
The stringy ones can be a problem as the fibrous texture can be difficult to break down. Also tough skins can be an issue.
Things like apples, pears, tomatoes, pineapple, sweet corn, mushrooms, green beans, and dried fruit.

These may or may not be a problem. Just try the other fruits and veg first and try these last.

And don't forget your 20+ rule!!!! This is key to avoiding most problems associated with the band...!!



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