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As l sat at the side of the swimming pool on holiday abroad it really became clear what a huge variety of different shapes and sizes there are. Let’s face it......that first walk down to the pool in your swimwear is pretty much like walking through your local high street in your undies!!! Whilst that can be a scary prospect l reckon everyone has their body insecurities whatever size they are!!  Everyone just looked “normal” – not like those on a magazine cover  – be it short, tall, slim, curvy, pear shaped, apple shaped, scars, bingo wings, cellulite and wobbly bits. And they all looked fabulous!!!!!!

My point is no one is perfect – it doesn’t really exist when it comes to body image. The best thing you can do is stop comparing yourself to perfect images in social media or magazine pages or in fact anyone else. You are just you and you have your good and bad points just like everyone else on the planet. Play to your strengths, don’t focus on your weaknesses and try to get to a place where you are just comfortable in your own skin!!

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