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Meat Feast

Everyone knows meats can be a challenge with a band, but they are still a great enjoyable source of protein.  Sometimes how they are cooked and eaten can be the decider if they will go down or not....!!!!

Some tips to help keep meat in your life

  • Pound your meat before cooking, this will help breakdown the muscle fibres and tenderise up your choice of meat
  • Cook/stew your meat in plenty of liquid, sauce, broth, gravy - this will help keep the meat moist, just remember when plating up use a slotted spoon and go minimal on the sauce/gravy on your plate.... the aim is to keep your meals as textured as possible
  • Do not over cook, this will dry your meat out
  • Marinade your meats, before cooking - recommended time 2hour - overnight depending

Happy cooking and don't forget your 20+ rule, watch your forkfuls, chew for 20 and wait 20 seconds between mouthfuls at least 😋

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