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lockdown challenge completed

Congratulations on completing the weight loss challenge – hopefully you will have lost some weight or at least maintained your current weight in these unprecedented times
In the long term please continue putting everything you have learnt over the course of this challenge into practice:

  • Cooking healthy meals all week
  • Limiting treats to < 100 kcal 4 times a week
  • Exercising 5 times a week now for 25 minutes - aim to continue increasing that but half an hour 5 times a week would be a great goal 
  • Finding another way to feel better or comfort yourself rather than with food
  • Planning your meals in advance and ensuring you have everything ready for the days ahead – food shopping in, food defrosted on time 
  • Make sure you’re eating from a small 6-inch plate if your band is optimally adjusted (bigger plate if not) with half of the plate veg/ salad 
  • Slow your eating and follow the 20+ rule 
  • Continue to log your weight each week in The Weigh in Section and log your measurements every couple of months – tracking your progress can keep you on track 
  • Head to Ask the Experts  or Facebook group if you have any questions or are struggling in any way – we will continue to support you there

You may not manage to do them all perfectly every single week but do the best you can.
They form the basis of good habits and healthy eating so continue with them where you can 
If you are not yet at goal weight keep going and you will get there. Even if you didn’t manage to lose much weight over the course of the challenge, it doesn’t matter. You will have made some healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle and that all counts. Your weight loss will follow – keep at it. It really is a marathon and not a sprint – ask for help if you need to and believe in yourself – you can do this 

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