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Little Tips to Help Keep you Motivated

Christmas is creeping up on us but it’s still too many weeks away to give up altogether and worry about it is the New Year – let’s keep going and you can still lose weight in time for Xmas. Festive parties can often start as early as November, but they can be managed. Enjoy your Christmas parties but stay focused and keep going – stay on track when you can, and you can still drop a dress size before Xmas. Everybody as different but losing a dress size in some cases can be as little as a 10-pound weight loss and that is still achievable by Xmas

The trick is to stay focused and motivated from now until then. Try these motivational tools:

  • Buy yourself an outfit in a smaller size and be determined to be wearing it on Xmas day
  • Cut out a picture or a dress or outfit that you like from a catalogue or magazine. Stick it on your fridge or cupboard door and visualize yourself in it every single day. If you feel like overindulging, then look at the picture first and stay strong!
  • Draw up a chart with your weekly weights on and your Christmas goal weight at the bottom to stay focused
  • Buy one of those boards where you slot in a pound for every pound you lose as a visual motivator ( and a monetary one)
  • Dig out an old photo of yourself at a happy weight or an outfit that you used to love wearing and use that for motivation


Whatever keeps you motivated is fine – use it to help keep you going through to Christmas!

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