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Lie in’s are good for your health….

“Sleeping later at the weekend could be vital to our health and wellbeing!”
If you enjoy sleeping in on weekends, I have some excellent news for you. According to studies, those extra hours in bed at the end of the week are essential for our health. According to research, lie-ins served as an antidote to the effects of sleep deprivation during the week.
According to experts, most adults require between 7.5 and nine hours of sleep per night. Previous study has shown, even modest sleep loss can significantly damage cognitive functions. One or two extra hours of sleep is all that's required to re-energize the brain, improve concentration, and build a longer attention span. However, for people who are severely sleep deprived, even 10 hours of sleep may not be enough to counteract the negative effects of late nights and early mornings.
Not getting enough sleep can have serious impacts for your health, such as stress, a weakened immune system, and heightened or low levels of emotions, all of which can affect your work performance. Despite the fact that having between seven and nine hours of sleep every night is suggested, some of us are losing sleep because we are not getting enough.
Even when we are exhausted, it might be difficult to fall asleep since there is so much going on in our heads. When this happens, we become anxious, which makes getting some rest even more difficult. Hearing your alarm clock go off in the morning when your body is screaming for a couple more hours of sleep is the worst feeling in the world. Every night without proper sleep is like accruing a sleep debt that must be repaid at some point.
We can feel the initial signs of sleep deprivation, such as anger, memory loss, and sleepiness, even after just one sleepless night. Sleep deprivation can cause difficulty concentrating, hazy vision, and poor judgement. People can get hallucinations, restlessness, and anxiety after just a few days without sleeping.
Fortunately, if you pay off your sleep debt as soon as possible, those side effects will vanish.
If you find having a lie in is not a problem but getting to sleep is, here is a list of techniques you may want to use to clear your mind before bed:

1. Go for a massage. Complementary Therapies are a great way to de stress and relax and promote a good night sleep.
2. Take a warm bath to relax muscles so that falling asleep occurs easily.
3. Listen to soothing music.
4. If you go to bed and cannot keep your mind from thinking too much, get out of bed and do something (read) until you are very tired and then go back to bed.
5. Keep a diary -Write down what has happened during the day that was troubling and what was positive – it helps to clear your thoughts about the day. It is helpful to have a list of techniques that help to clear your mind before going to bed, so when you are in bed and cannot fall asleep, you know what to do rather than tossing and turning and feeling stressed because you cannot sleep.
“So, make sure you grab your pyjamas and your duvet this weekend for a lovely long lie- ini!”

Article by Mamuna Arshad – Aesthetic, Lifestyle Specialist & SPORTS/COMPS Lecturer
The Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics

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