Frame of mind

Keeping Perspective

Even Bariatric patients have good days and bad, don't kid yourself........The band doesn't make you any less human.

A bad day can feel like the end of the world, especially if this then escalates into days, weeks or months. The beat up from this is epic then the failure and disappointment sets in. So what do you need to do about it..??

The Gastric Band is not another failed diet, you need to know this. It is a control like never before. Your diet may of slipped a little - you may of been on holiday or had a special occasion. But hopefully underlining your band will be still there giving you support with out you really knowing - and things more often are not as bad as people think.

What you need to do is put things into perspective. Have a quick think back to pre band - your eating habits then to what they are now..?? I am sure there are still lots of positives if you dig deep enough. So once you have highlighted these and done a bit of reasoning with yourself hopefully - then its time to let the good days roll.

Don't be so hard on yourself, the band can be a challenge..... But maybe it really is time to go back to basics, refocus and get back on track, you can do it, you have an amazing tool to help you too.

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