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Keeping Motivated – even with a Gastric Band it’s hard

Sometimes when trying to lose weight, keeping going can be the hardest part.  Even with a gastric band there are many events that can have you giving up on eating healthily and reaching for the chocolate - A bad day at work, an argument with your partner or even an unexpected weight gain on the scales can all be reasons for giving up. But if you do this could mean never reaching your goal weight and even re-gaining all the weight you have already lost.

How to stay on track!

  • keep your meals fresh and exciting – eating the same old foods everyday will get boring.
  • Try new foods – perhaps aim to try one or two new foods every month – aubergine, cous cous, butternut squash wedges, granola
  • If you eat when you are not hungry but more due to stress or boredom then try distracting yourself. Phone a friend or go for a walk instead
  • Shake up your exercise routine – the feel-good factor after exercise can help keep you going
  • Remember why you wanted to lose weight in the first place and use that to keep you motivated
  • Find a motivational buddy - online or in person (BandBoozled has a great private online cafe, were you can hang out with like minded people to keep you on your toes)
  • Set yourself a realistic target - small steps in the right direction
  • Stay happy and Positive - Is too easy to beat ourselves up about one thing or another, instead pride yourself on the changes you are making to aid your weight loss mission

You can do this if you really want too..!!


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