Joeann – 6 stone off in 18 months

Hi everyone 

I just would like to share with you my story.  I am 18 months following gastric band surgery and honestly have never looked back.

Im sure like many of you in the early days, I was almost convinced the band wasn't working as my weight loss was very slow over the first few months.  I was just so eager to feel the control from the band that I was advised I would get.   I soon come to realise that my weight loss journey was going to be a slow burner but was steady and in the right direction, so I could handle this and started to chill out and relax more.  The band really does help with controlling the portions and helping with hunger so I haven't really felt I have been controlled by dieting during my journey, which is amazing as this has been my whole life.  A big learning curve was the learning to eat slower but with the band you don't get a choice, and you soon learn that this is not an option!

I have found the vitality for life again and love nothing more than a good shop.  This year on holiday I wore a bikini and felt OK.... somebody pinch me now!

I wish you every success on your weight loss journey too 

Keep going, you will get there 


Joeann xx



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