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Is my Band too tight?

Try our little 10 Mark assessment to help work this out:

  • Do you have pain when you are eating?


  • Is it just uncomfortable when eating – like something feels like it is sticking at the site of the band?


  • Do you have a night cough or acid reflux?


  • Does it hurt when drinking liquids?


  • Do the above symptoms happen regularly – more than twice a week?


  • Do you ever forget to follow the 20+rule?


  • Are you struggling with textured foods?


  • Do you struggle when eating out and socialising?


  • Are you having a softer diet now?


Are your portions sizes smaller than our 6 inch plate?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you need further assessment to check your band is ok.

If you answered YES to forgetting to follow the 20+ rule then this is your first thing to change. Sometimes if there is a problem just when eating out it’s because you aren’t concentrating on eating correctly like you are at home. Following this properly can alleviate a lot of these symptoms.  The site of the Band could also be irritated so going back to a soft diet or even liquids just for a few dates could help things improve.

If you are struggling with liquids or have regular reflux or a night cough it’s likely you need an aspiration

If you have any of these problems please arrange an appointment with your Bariatric provider to discuss in more detail

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