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Have you fallen off the band wagon?

Having a band is a commitment.  There is no doubt about this.  

Once you have your surgery you are committed to changing habits of a lifetime to adjust to your new way of life with a band.

Things will crop up on your journey that will challenge you and your weight loss journey and this is ok, thats just life in general, banded or not.  Lets be real.

But you will have to be mindful that to continue to succeed with your weight loss plan you need to be sticking to some specific guidelines and putting in your part of the deal with the band.  Unfortunately it won't do it all for you but if you're on the right path and working in harmony with it, it can really give you a control that you will have not witnessed before on other weight loss journeys.

So if you have lost your way a little with your band - don't worry and definitely don't give up.  Its about finding that path and getting back on track.  Sometimes the track isn't that far away no matter how detached you feel.  Honestly

Your not alone on this one, our specialist bariatric team are dedicated to helping people get back on board with their band.

So if you need a hand with your band - check out

Sometimes just a little bit of support and education is all you need - make 2019 count 


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