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Goodbye Comfy Pants – Hellooooo Skinny Jeans

Are you a few stone into your weight loss and a little miffed nobody is revelling about your ever diminishing silhouette..!!

Have you stopped and looked down lately.??? Could this be that you are still donning your famous black comfy pants (increasingly getting comfier by the day..!!) and nobody can see your sexy shape emerging..!!

I know people want to hold out before buying new clothes till there at there goal weight – and I'm a big believer in this too – dress shopping when everything fits, there must be nothing more liberating..!! Sod the expense 😉. But there really does come a time in your journey when spending £20 on a new pair of skinny jeans is a must..!!!!!!

It will be worth the £20 the minute all the complements start rolling in.

You've probably spent years covering up your curves – now it's time to show them off 😊. If you don’t think you are quite there yet then wear the skinny jeans with a long top and high boots – a killer combination!!!

Had a skinny jean moment..?? We’d love to hear about it…. Pics and chats very welcome on the forum or Facebook group if you are a member of BandBoozled👖

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