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Gift yourself this Summer….. By Mamuna

It's okay to occasionally treat yourself to something. It's a wonderful approach to give yourself thanks for everything and get ready to take on more of the world.

Self-gifting is a wonderful method to express your love for yourself because it is a treat you can give to yourself. Books, technology, massages, and even just some peaceful time away from the storm(s) in your life are all examples of these presents.

It is essential to understand that this (or whatever we are giving) is a self-love gift rather than just a selfish gift idea.
Let's explore several gift categories that one can give to oneself out of self-love.

Self-Discovery Literature - Making an effort to learn about and get to know oneself is one of the first and best gifts of self-love you can give to yourself.

Self-discovery books are a great tool for this since you can always count on one of them to teach you something that will change your life.

Seriously, a new bed and beddings! Giving your body the rest that it needs each night is a wonderful act of self-care.
Sleeping on luxurious bedding is undoubtedly a way to do this. You owe this self-care to yourself.

A Massage - Finding a massage salon/clinic and treating yourself to a massage is another excellent form of self-care. It's excellent because you give your body's muscles something they likely need relaxation.
I've discovered, though, that one needs to take some time away, retreat, unwind, get a massage, heck, do whatever it takes to find their ZEN. This enables you to bounce back better and stronger.

Candles for Your Home - If you're feeling a little bad about "directly" treating yourself, cease it right now. BUT if you still feel bad, why not provide something to your house that you can use?
You can use these candles as decor, to fill your home with a lovely aroma, or perhaps placed around your bathroom.

Self Love Gifts through Music - Music is one of the best ways to heal the soul. The music you listen to can influence you in many ways including, relaxation, uplifting your soul, nostalgia etc.
Do make sure that you are enjoying it fully, Give yourself a great self-care gift by getting some quality headphones or speakers to listen to your favourite songs.

Check out my additional recommendations below.

Gym Gear - Taking care of and feeling good about your body is one of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself in the name of self-love.
Nothing feels better than getting "back in the gym" or using the gym as a tool to break out of a slump, I assure you. Your soul, body, and mind will all appreciate it and adore you for it.

A Pet - This one might be a little difficult for some individuals to understand and grasp. Pets, on the other hand, are the finest thing to happen to people, according to studies. WHY? because having a pet about you has so many fantastic advantages. They are so loveable, loyal and a constant companion throughout.
If you don't mind, adopting a pet is one of the finest methods to get one because there are so many adorable animals out there that need homes.

Self-Care Fashion - Wearing this affirmation every day is a terrific way to keep it in mind that you should always love yourself. Buy some merchandise for yourself that will serve as a constant reminder to look after yourself.

A luxury Bath box - Previously, we discussed candles and how they make wonderful gifts for people who value their own well-being. A bath is a wonderful self-care present that pairs well with candles.

A Simple Journal - A straightforward journal is a wonderful self-care present for you because it allows you to keep track of your development and makes it accessible for later contemplation.
You can use your phone, of course. A journal and a pen, however, are incomparable. You are familiar with the thrill you get when you discover a journal you kept at in the 80’s. 90’s and/or more recently. Reading the journal allows you to reflect on your incredible experience thus far.
One of the nicest feelings in the world, it makes for great self-care gifts because it greatly promotes self-discovery and self-mastery.

Please consider sharing this article and these gift ideas with others around you so we can spread this message of self-love gifting to as many people as we can.
Article by Mamuna Arshad – Cosmetic/Aesthetic Industry Professional, Lifestyle Specialist & SPORTS/COMPS Lecturer
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