Supplements with the balloon

We do recommend you take a multivitamin supplement whilst the balloon is in place because you will be eating smaller portions so it can be difficult to get in all the nutrition your body needs.


We would advise you to take a chewable multivitamin and mineral supplement (MVM) for the first 7 days or until you get back onto solid foods. Your bariatric provider may have slightly different guidelines so always follow their advice. It is important not to mistake a Multivitamin supplement as being a complete vitamin – you do ned the minerals too as they are just as important for good health


Once you are tolerating a normal diet without any problems then you should be fine to move onto a solid MVM – a tablet that you can swallow with water as opposed to a chewable one


Examples of suitable Supplements:


Chewable – Superdrug A-Z chewable

                     Bassets soft and chewy active health

                     Centrum fruity Chewables



Solid – Sanatogen Complete A-Z

             Tesco A-Z MVM

             Superdrug A-Z MVM



It is very easy to forget to take your supplements. Try and get into a routine – for example have it with your breakfast every morning then you can forget about it for the rest of the day 😀

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