Success with a Balloon

The balloon will usually be in place for 6 months or 12 months. This gives you a limited timescale to really make changes to your diet and lifestyle and work with the balloon. We would recommend the following:


  • In the first days after the balloon is placed follow your bariatric providers guidelines on sticking to the liquid diet and the soft diet. If you haven’t been given any guidelines then try our START section for more info


  • Once you get back onto a normal diet then we recommend you should ensure all your meals are solid/ textured. This is because soft food and liquids will still fit around the balloon quite easily so you will normally be able to manage bigger portions of these. Bigger portions will negatively affect your weight loss


  • We would recommend you use a small 6-inch plate for your meals. Half of this should be veg/ salad and a quarter should be carbs and the other quarter protein. See our BandBoozled plate for ideas (available to buy in our shop) coming soon 


  • Have 2 litres of water daily – not only does this keep you hydrated but it helps keep the balloon in the correct position too


  • Aim to have 3 small healthy meals daily with 2 healthy snacks if you get hungry between meals – look at our meal plans in The Kitchen area. Fresh fruit makes an ideal snack option – healthy, filling, low in calories and full of fibre


  • Choose low fat meal options where possible – base your meals around a healthy protein option such as chicken or fish with lots of salad or veg and a small portion of carbs.


  • Try and have higher fibre carbs where possible – wholemeal bread, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, higher fibre cereals like branflakes, muesli, all bran, granola


  • Remember to take small bites, chew well and eat slowly – follow our 20 + rule if you can


  • Don’t have a drink until an hour after eating – this can wash food off the balloon making you feel less satisfied. Remember to have a drink then though as if food stays on the balloon for too long it could result in smelly burps


  • It is advisable not to eat too soon to going to bed and lying flat. Wait around 2 hours before your last meals’ and going to bed



If anything doesn’t feel right with your balloon in place or you have specific queries please speak to your procedure provider

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