FAQ’s Just for Balloon

Q - How does the balloon work?


A – Once the balloon is inflated in your stomach it takes up about 2/3 of the space leaving less room for food. It also stimulates nerve endings on the stomach wall which send messages to the brain to say you are full so it helps to manage your hunger on the reduced food intake



Q – Why don’t I need to follow a pre – op diet like the other forms of bariatric surgery?


A – the balloon is actually a non-surgical procedure so there is no need for a pre – op diet. The balloon is put into place through the mouth and down the oesophagus and straight into the stomach so there is no need at all so shrink the liver for this procedure



Q – Why can’t the balloon stay in place almost permanently like the gastric band?


A – The balloon can leak or delate after a certain period of time – usually 6 months or 12 months depending on which balloon is used



Q – Will I be able to feel the balloon?


A – Initially you might feel a bit of discomfort but usually you get used to it and should just feel a sensation of satiety



Q – Am I better with a balloon or a Band


A That depends on what you are looking for – the balloon is cheaper, non-surgical, lower recovery time and there is no need to come into clinic regularly for band adjustments. However, it is a temporary measure to help with weight loss so you would need to make changes to your diet and lifestyle (as with the band) but you would need to be able to continue with these after the balloon has been removed



Q - How does the balloon come out?

A – Again this depends on what balloon was used – with some balloons you will come back into your provider to have it removed through a simple procedure (back through the mouth the same way it was put in) Alternatively the newer swallowable balloons basically just disintegrate

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