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Eyes bigger than your belly

I love this saying!  More often than not our eyes rule the roost when it comes to eating.  We see what we like and we order it.  Previous to getting your band or balloon your eyes would determine how hungry you were and the portion that you would need to feel full.

The band or balloon doesn’t alter the anatomy of the stomach at all, unlike other bariatric surgeries around.  But how they work is the clever strategic positioning of them helps to control the amount you need to eat before you feel full.

As your band starts to work you will notice that your portions will start to shrink and the needing to eat a full plate to feel full can soon become a distant memory.  Getting your eyes to marry up with your stomach can take a little bit of getting used too, especially in the adjustment phase when your portion sizes can be very variable anyway.  Gastric balloons work slightly differently as your portions are immediately reduced once the balloon is in situ.

It’s old habits too, they play a big part in this one.  You know the restaurant well, you have ordered the same meal for many years.  It’s about breaking away from this and finding what suits you now.  It’s just one of the many new challenges and changes that you will encroach upon along your weight loss journey. 

You may even experience some food envy along the way, you are only human after all.  You may look at your now, much smaller, more manageable plate in front of you and think what you would give to be able to sink your teeth into your usual juicy bacon cheeseburger.   It’s at this moment you need to work with the rational in your brain and all the positives that you are experiencing on your new quest to the healthier new you.  Likeliness is you will thoroughly enjoy the meal in front of you anyway without the overhanging guilt of eating your entire days calories in a single meal.  It might even be time to venture out to a new restaurant, start new habits… pastures new and all that.

Don’t worry over time your eyes will catch up, probably as you quickly recognise the amount of wasted food if they don’t.  The food envy may crop up now and again, or the complete opposite may happen, and the look of big meals may run a shiver down your spine.  As you look at your much smaller portion and think that’s more like it.   It’s a crazy old world that’s for sure. 

Enjoying quality not quantity is the way forward.   And remember there is absolutely no shame in eating a smaller portion, you may even secretly be the envy of many bigger eyes sat around you.   Have you ever thought about that…!! 

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