Excited for more fluid in – but the nurse/dietitian says no #gutted..!!




Have you been to clinic for an adjustment and left totally gutted that your nurse or dietician has advised that you don't need any more fluid in your band at this time…!!!!!  What… how can this be, you’re still totally starving and haven't lost a pound…!!!?

Hopefully prior to you leaving clinic your clinician will of explained in full the reasoning behind their decision and discussed with you a plan of attack to work on.

During your assessment something will have been highlighted that was concerning to your nurse/dietician – maybe you were showing anxieties or starting to struggle with textures, or eating a very soft/sloppy diet, or having increasing symptoms of regurgitation/reflux – or even just skipping meals.

Let me reassure you, your nurse/dietitian has done the best possible thing for you in this instance by not adjusting your band.  Your gastric band journey really is all about adapting the mechanics of eating and keeping you on the right track – especially in the early months – the focus is not always on the weight loss, as crazy as this sounds..!! I know that is your absolute goal but your provider wants to get you to that goal safely and minimising the risk of any complications!!

So don't be disappointed with your nurse/dietician decision, accept what invaluable advice you have been given and go away and work on these pointers.   It would be wise to schedule in an appointment with your nurse/dietician for in a few weeks… again they can assess progress and adjust if required.

Adding fluid to a band when you’re not ready won't progress you on - more likely this will only set you back.   Disappointing but true ?


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