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Don’t Fail during the Fall…!!

So Autumn is here.... such a lovely time of the year, all be that the rain stays away..!!

Just because there is a nip in the air doesn't mean it is time to become complacent.  Who knows if you will be wearing that LBD, or fancy suit to the Christmas party this year, or even if we will be able to come together to celebrate 

But let's not lose sight of the reason why you had your surgery.... and what a WOW reveal this could be once everything does start to get back to normal..!!

Some autumnal tips to keep you on your toes:

  1. Make sure your diet is balanced with plenty of fruit and veggies to boost your immune system - keep those coughs and colds at bay
  2. If your exercise of choice is aimed for the summer months, be looking for an all weather alternative to keep active throughout the colder months 
  3. Remember to moisturise well, it will keep your skin in tip top condition, and we all know how important good skin is on the weight loss journey
  4. Sleep well - a no brainer.... put your gadgets away early and learn to switch off so you can sleep peacefully
  5. Make time for you... yes you.. !!  you too should be on your list of priorities 
  6. Splash out on some new, all weather clothing so you're ready and prepared for that dip in temperature.  Especially if you're starting to feel the cold more as your shrinking by the day
  7. Make sure you don't miss your daily vitamins - you should always follow what is recommended by your surgeon following surgery 
  8. Be positive - keep your mind in a good place, it really does help with longterm focus
  9. Make the most of the seasonal foods - goodness on a plate - remember the specific portions for your surgery as seen on the BandBoozled plate
  10. And lastly don't be so hard on yourself..!!   make a list of the good things you have put in place since your surgery and feel proud.  WLS isn't easy as I'm sure you all know, so well done.... little steps really do get you there xx


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